152001 Repair Base Supply Warehouse Admin & CATM B4220-4221- Camp Blanding, FLBid Due Date: Tuesday , 07/14/2020 at 03:00 pm

FINAL RFI's issued 07.07.20.

Amendment 2 extended due date.

Amendment 1 extended due date to 07/06/2020; new wage determination added for Clay County dated 05/15/2020.

Q&A RFI 06.14.20

Site visit 06/08/2020 9am,  Contact Derek DeWolf if you're interested in attending.

Repair/seal/paint existing standing seam metal roof system, Bldg 4221. Replace entire HVAC system in both buildings. Upgrade and repair the restrooms and locker rooms in both facilities.  Repair and upgrade floor coverings where required in both facilities.  Paint all interior finishes in both facilities.  Repair ceiling tile/grid as needed in both facilities.  Upgrade entire lighting system in both facilities.  Replace the flat roof system with new standing seam metal roof system, Bldg 4220.  Install new roof mounted fire suppression systems, both facilities.  Repair/replace all exterior windows and doors where required, including weather stripping and door hardware.  Repair and seal the exterior walls to eliminate existing mold growth, and paint all exterior finishes of both buildings, to include covered walkways.  Restore and alter the entire CATM area to include the weapons vault.  Install a new fire suppression/detection system in both facilities.  Alter interior walls.  Bring both facilities up to current code to include meeting Sustainable design principles at ATFP standards.

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