FA4407-18-R-0004: Repair Various Building Systems COMM Facility; Building 861; Scott AFB, ILBid Due Date: Tuesday , 08/07/2018 at 04:00 pm

Amendment 06 (revised Attachment 21 - FRI Log 27 July 2018 & Incorporate Attachment 27 - B861 CAD Files) added on 7/31.

Amendment 05 (revised RFI log Attachment #21, added Attachment #26, Revised Schedule B, CLIN 1007, changed bid & RFI date) added on 7/31

         *RFIs due to ABBA by Wednesday, 7/31 no later than 4pm EST.*

Amendment 04 added and bid date changed on 7/20.

         RFIs due to ABBA by Tuesday, 7/24 by 4pm EST | 3p CST

Site visit photos & Amendement 03 (revised SOW & bid form) added on 7/16.

RFIs due to ABBA Construction no later than Wednesday, July 18 by 12pm EST.

Site visit is on Thursday, July 12th @ 1p CST. Please let us know if you need base access.

Location: Scott AFB, Illinois

Scope: The project consists of two parts, Bid-Build and Design-Build. The Bid-Build is the repair/replacement of the HVAC system and is indicated on the construction plans provided. It also includes a portion of asbestos and termite damage repair. The Design-Build portion is to renovate the east and west restrooms, upgrade portions of the fire sprinkler system, and correct the remaining termite damage not covered in the 100% design. The project is phased according to bid build plans; ignore phasing on 100% design. Any furniture relocated to accommodate construction will be responsibility of contractor as well as putting furniture back in place and reconnecting necessary COMM lines when project is completed.

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