NVZR 17-0104 Repair Roof, Building 373; MacDill AFB, FloridaBid Due Date: Wednesday , 06/06/2018 at 04:00 pm

Amendment 03 revised SOW, RFI responses, revised drawings, and revised AF3052 added on 5/31.

Amendment 02: Wage Determination updated on 5/17.

Amendment 01 (Not attached): Proposal date changed; quotes/proposals are due to ABBA Construction, Inc. no later than Friday, 5/25 by 4pm.

Pre-bid & site visit photos added on 4/25.

Site Visit Only Meeting is on Wednesday, 4/25 @ 9am. Please let us know if base access is need to attend.

Site Visit notes added on 4/20.

Site Visit is on Thursday, April 19 @ 1pm. Please let us know if you plan to attend and need base access.

RFIs due to ABBA Construction no later than Monday, April 23 by 5pm.

Duration: 90 days | 105 days | 30 days

Scope: Install new standing seam metal roof of building 373.

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