W911RQ-18-R-9007 Bldg 1178 25MM Fire Range Upgrades; Red River Army Depot, TexasBid Due Date: Tuesday , 01/23/2018 at 04:00 pm

RFI responses added on 1/17.

Proposal dated changed on 1/17 from 1/18/18 to 1/24.

Bid date changed & RFI responses added 1/12.

Amendment 01 added on 1/8/18.

RFIs due to ABBA Construction by 12pm EST on Wednesday, January 10.

Location: Texarkana, Texas

*Quotes are required to be valid for 45 days FROM January 24, 2018*

Scope: Electrical, Mechancial, Site Concrete, Concrete, HVAC, Pre-enginerred metal building, Canopy, Ladder/Stair/Railings, Lighting, Earthwork/Site Clearing/Excavation, Survey, Soil Testing, Canopy

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